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  • Walmart: Top 30 Deals NOW November 30, 2021
    Shop Walmart’s best deals to save big on groceries every week. Walmart’s regular prices are very competitive, even without using coupons. But when you have coupons, or when you use Ibotta’s cash back app, you’ll end up getting free deals every week. Stock up on nonperishables and shop from your own supply when you run […]
  • CVS: Top 30 Deals NOW November 30, 2021
    Save over 80% on many CVS deals this week. Are you shopping at CVS every week? One of the best ways to save money on groceries and household items is to stock up on these drugstore deals, saving BIG on items you use every week. Stocking up on items, even if you don’t need them […]
  • Free Drugstore Items–Just Print Coupons November 7, 2021
      Stock up on these items BEFORE you need them so you don’t get stuck paying full price when you do: (Dollar Tree) FREE: Theraflu  (Dollar Tree) FREE: Excedrin (Dollar Tree) FREE: Theraflu Cough (Dollar Tree) FREE: Alka Seltzer Plus (Walmart) Free: Cover Girl Professional Mascara (CVS) 2 Free + $1.32 profit: Cover Girl Eye Liner (Walmart) Free + $1.45 profit: Cover Girl Clean Loose Powder The post Free […]


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