KidBizFamilies is an innovative prospecting platform for marketers of children’s products & services looking to get in front of the Mommy/Family audience. This multi-source cooperative Database contains over 38 Million households with at least one child from newborn up to seventeen. KidBiz allows targeting to: custom tailored audiences qualified for your offer, prospects at the time when they’re most responsive & the channels utilized most frequently by each family.

KidBizFamilies is made up of Subscribers to Kids Magazine & Books, Purchasers of Children’s Apparel, Toys, Educational Products, Retail, Online & Mail Order Buyers, Insurance Seekers, Coupon/Promotional Members, etc. Cooperative information comes from Online Registrants, Surveys, Trigger Data, Life Event Reporting, etc.

This versatile information can be used for both Acquisition (Direct Mail, Email, Display Placement & Optimization, Social/Facebook Onboarding, Targeting, CoRegistration, Email List Building & eNewsletters) as well as CRM (Customer Reactivation & Retention, Customer File Enhancement, Line of Business, Cross-Sell & Up-Sell).

KidBizFamilies is recommended to any & everyone looking to connect with Families with Kids of all ages. Specific targeted demographics can be built for First Time Moms, Traveling Families, Child Gender, Child Age by Birthdate, Activities, Families with Pets, Household Income, Location, Parents Age, Purchase Behavior/Transactions, Communication Preferences, Search/Inquiry Information, & so much more!

Advertising Options Available

• Dedicated Emails

• Newsletter Sponsorships

• Poll Questions & Sponsorship

• Lead Generation

• Digital & Facebook Custom Audiences

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