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  • I’m A Patient Person — But The School Car Line Turns Me Into A Rage Monster September 24, 2021
    Chances are, whether you’ve known me for thirty years or three months in real life (as in, outside of essays and social media), you’ve never seen me angry. You’ve probably seen me cry—because, well, the whole young widow thing—but you probably have never seen me rage. Most people haven’t. My anger is generally something I […]
  • There’s A Better Way To Handle Time Outs September 24, 2021
    I used time out with my kids, and it both helped them learn to self-regulate, and our relationship could not be better. The post There’s A Better Way To Handle Time Outs appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • I’m Fine With My Kids Being ‘Scaredy Cats’ September 21, 2021
    When I attempted to watch Home Alone last Christmas with my then-nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old twins, I didn’t expect that we would have to turn it off a third of the way through because they were crawling into my lap and screaming in fear. Any comedic value was gone with the idea of being left […]
  • What We Really Know About ADHD September 17, 2021
    ADHD is often framed in terms of its negatives. And although living with ADHD can be a challenge, the condition also confers many advantages. People with ADHD often have high levels of passion, drive, and creative thinking. The discussion will include ideas about how parents can focus on the strengths of children with ADHD and […]

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  • 21 Day Veggie Challenge September 21, 2021
    21 Day Veggie Challenge Change the way your entire family thinks about veggies in just 21 days! What is the 21 Day Veggie Challenge? This is our first ever challenge to really kickstart a positive change in the way your family thinks about, talks about, makes, and eats veggies! For 21 days, you will try […]
  • 10 Kid-Friendly Broccoli Recipes August 26, 2021
    10 Kid-Friendly Broccoli Recipes If your kids don’t think they like broccoli, try one of these really yummy 10 Kid-Friendly Broccoli Recipes! Broccoli is a super nutritious veggie that can also have a strong flavor that some kids shy away from. We have found that when we serve veggies in different ways, it brings out […]
  • 7 Super Easy and Healthy Grab and Go Meals! August 25, 2021
    7 Super Easy and Healthy Grab and Go Meals! Our best healthy dinner ideas for meals on the go Grab and Go meals are what we all need when carpooling from after school activities, sports, meetings, etc. But I know what you’re thinking… grab and go meals, as in packaged meals? No, HEALTHY grab and […]
  • School Lunch Packing Supplies for Healthy Lunches + Lunch Packing Guide July 30, 2021
    School Lunch Packing Supplies for Healthy Lunches + Lunch Packing Guide Having a few tried and true supplies on hand will make packing a healthy school lunch so much easier for you and your kids! Plus, grab my free lunch packing guide printable! Why Your Kids Should Pack Their Own Lunches As many of you […]

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