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  • 30+ Pumpkin Activities for Kids September 24, 2021
    As fall approaches, the leaves are changing colors and pumpkins are appearing. Even if you live where it’s still 90 degrees out instead of 50, it can still be fun to incorporate some fall themes into your classroom! Not sure where to start? These 30+ pumpkin learning activities for kids are sure to be a […]
  • Acorn 10 Frame Math Puzzles September 23, 2021
    Autumn is just around the corner, and I am dreaming of cooler days and the leaves changing colors. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I wish it could be fall all year long. Does anyone else agree? Your students will love these free Acorn 10 Frame puzzles. Fall-themed activities are always a hit […]
  • Autumn Canvas Art September 22, 2021
    This multi-step Autumn Canvas art project is a great way for students to explore color mixing, stamping, cutting, and pasting! What better way to celebrate the many vibrant colors of Autumn than with a super fun process-based art project? I especially love that each one is so beautiful and unique! *Pair with our Fall Centers & […]
  • FREE Email Series for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers September 21, 2021
    As teachers, we are constantly looking for ways to learn new things and improve so that each year is better than our last. We want our Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom to be the best it can be! There are so many areas to focus on, and finding new ideas and strategies can be tricky. That’s why I’ve […]

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  • What We Really Know About ADHD September 17, 2021
    ADHD is often framed in terms of its negatives. And although living with ADHD can be a challenge, the condition also confers many advantages. People with ADHD often have high levels of passion, drive, and creative thinking. The discussion will include ideas about how parents can focus on the strengths of children with ADHD and […]
  • There’s A Correct (And Incorrect) Way To Cut Grapes For Kids September 17, 2021
    If you really want to protect your child from choking, you’ve got to cut grapes (and other round foods) lengthwise. The post There’s A Correct (And Incorrect) Way To Cut Grapes For Kids appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • Why Is Daycare So Freaking Expensive, Yet Its Workers Still Underpaid? July 16, 2021
    Yes, daycare for my son was expensive. But the workers who cared for him weren’t making much, and neither was the facility's owner. The post Why Is Daycare So Freaking Expensive, Yet Its Workers Still Underpaid? appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • How Noggin Makes Educational Content That’s Actually Fun June 7, 2021
    This story was produced in partnership with Noggin. Noggin is an interactive learning platform that’s easy for kids to love. Why? It’s from Nick Jr., which means it’s populated by characters they already know and love, from the canines of PAW Patrol to the merpeople of Bubble Guppies. But what really sets it apart is […]

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